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One of the first bands to play Cyprus Avenue...and one of our favourites
RIP - 10SR  (2000-2004)

from IRISHMUSICCENTRAL.COM - With 'Ten Speed Racer' they've pulled off the near impossible task of creating a record that exists entirely within its own frame of reference. It creates its own mood and its own worldview. And it will be loved and misunderstood precisely in accordance with its uniqueness. Its easy to do nouveau retro goth, or punk electro. Ten Speed Racer, hidden away at the end of a long, long muddy track, have done something harder and done it superbly. "One of the best compliments that we've had is people saying 'You don't sound Irish at all'," explains Dermot. "We're all well proud to be Irish but that's not the point of the music. I think we're just trying to be honest, more so than to be something. I think we're just trying to be ourselves."