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Once best known for his version of Wuthering Heights, Albert Niland is now generally recognised as one of the most gifted performers in Ireland today. His new album, Downtown Exit, has proved to be popular with both critics and his growing legions of fans.

Since the release of Albert Niland's album "Dirty Day" in 2003, he has received critical acclaim..."......this is refreshing, spirit-shocking music" The Irish Times, " .........If Paul Simon and Sting took guitar lessons from an acrobat of the fretboard like Adrian Legg, they might make albums like Albert Niland" Hot Press. Since then Niland has recorded "Downtown Exit" and includes the acoustic version of "Wuthering Heights". In early 2004, Albert was invited to guest at the "Planxty" reunion in Vicar st. Blending various styles of intricate guitar playing, from flamenco to rock, and powerful vocals, his live shows are not to be missed.