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'Armoured Bear inhabits that sultry space between sleep and consciousness, that magic realm where dreams encroach on reality, that special spot where for one moment of bliss in the blue dawning of the morning, you lose yourself and forget where you are'

Growing up influenced by magical West Cork scenes where in his youth, the swaying ocean tides was full of mermaids and the man on the moon would occasionally wink at you, Armoured Bear's music will paint you a picture of a delicate intimate scene told through the innocent eyes of a boy lost in the stars, whilst keeping a parallel to the reality of the adult world that surrounds us.

The visual is what is at the heart of anything Armoured Bear. Live the band set out to do the same, as the Night-Time Garden features as a main aspect of the visual representation of many scenes contained in the songs.

Armoured Bear is a constantly evolving entity with a symbiotic relationship with all its members with a multi-instrumentalist troubadour at its centre.

Hot Press "..a gorgeous and evocative record."
The Sunday Business Post - " of the best Irish debuts of recent years..."
State - "This Wonderfully warm and fuzzy debut is perhaps the surprise of the year"