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Caroline grew up in the north of France, a region rich in popular culture : danse musette played on the accordion, mussels, fried potatoes and beer. She spent a lot of her time in the dark and forgotten music archives in Montmartre, in order to find some of the lost gems that are rarely sung anymore. She felt the best way to resurrect the songs, was to sing them directly to the public, by taking them to the streets.

In 1999, Caroline was invited to Dublin to perform as singer/accordionist in the play 'The Nude who Painted Back '. And in 2002 Caroline won a special jury prize in the France-wide 'Le Mans Cite Chanson'.

In Dublin, her debut show 'Crime Passionnel', a heady melange of songs by Jacques Brel, Serge Gainsbourg and Edith Piaf, among others, was delivered with passionate conviction and became a sell-out in the space of weeks in early 2003. Afterwards Caroline met Gypsy violin virtuoso Oleg Ponomarev and began performing with him. After in Autumn 2005, Caroline signed to Circular records to release her first CD 'Paris is Burning'.

IRISH TIMES - "Timeless and unapologetically contemporary..."

IRISH EXAMINER - "Breathing instrumental virtuosity and blissful vocalising..."

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