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Cartoon is a music collaboration between producers and musicians Darragh O'Connor, Bob Jackson and the finest jazz and soul musicians in Cork City, Ireland.
Cartoon released their debut EP First to Break on the exclusive Parisian label Brique Rouge in August 2003. Subsequently the b-side track "Time Change" featuring Chicago diva Karen Underwood has been released on several house compilations including a special remix EP, copies of which sold out in just 6 days.

What distinguishes Cartoon from their fellow house music producers are their additional talents as live musicians. Instead of slotting into the usual producer/DJ category Cartoon have formed a versatile live band complete with a powerful horn section, two highly experienced jazz/funk guitarists, three singers as well as keys and drums from Darragh and Bob respectively.
As a result live music fans who may never dare venture to a club see a 'big name DJ' are being awakened to the previously undiscovered pleasures of the fusion of jazz, soul and funk with house music through Cartoon's scintillating live performances.