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Cathal Coughlan is an Irish singer songwriter, formerly of Microdisney, and The Fatima Mansions. His work with both bands has received much critical acclaim, as has his solo material.

His lyrics focus on politics, the seamy side of relationships and the interplay between the two, utilising surreal imagery and literary and historical references. He also sets his songs against varied musical styles, encompassing everything from neo-classical to techno and eschewing any clear or confining identity. His work can be tough and uncompromising, but full of melody, invention, strange key-changes and a delight in playing with the traditional structures of the pop song.

He has also recorded with comedian Sean Hughes as "Bubonique" releasing a number of CDs parodying current musical trends including "20 Golden Showers" and "Trance Arse Volume 3" .

His voice has prompted comparisons with Scott Walker, whom Coughlan considers a major influence. As a solo musician, he has completed four albums, the most recent of which is Foburg. The first album, Grand Necropolitan, is available to download for free from his website. Coughlan is based in London and has become increasingly involved in musical theatre. In 2006 he was described in The Irish Times as the 'genius of Irish rock'. He was the subject of the documentary 'The Adventures of Flannery' which had screenings in Cork, Belfast, Dublin and further afield. Coughlan's new music will be released in 2009.