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Much anticipated after a trio of wryly urban pop nugget singles over the last 12 months, Check In finally offers a full, panoramic view of the broad melodic pop and rock angles that the band have always displayed in their now legendary live sets.

The album was recorded variously from May 2004 to May 2005 in Dublin (Sun Studios), Westmeath (Grouse Lodge – where Dylan scored 5 out of 5 at clay pigeon shooting) and London (Olympic Studios) it was produced, mixed and engineered by Richard Rainey and Gareth Mannix. All this went on while the band concentrated on playing as many live shows around Ireland, the UK and mainland Europe as their jobs and piggy banks would allow.

Check In was nearly finished a number of times, but new songs were constantly being written and recorded that served to give it a new angle, an extra dimension, a bit more fun. Finally everyone was happy. 14 songs in under 40 minutes, not a second wasted and no time to wait. No seat belts, no safety demonstration, no emergency exits….Enjoy the flight!

The Chalets are all about bright and breezy pop with real guitar chunks and a whole load of sass, suss and attitude all wrapped up with a pink ribbon – think Belle and Sebastian, B52s, The Breeders… anyone else fun but valuable. Check In bears that out.

NME - "The Chalets are a romping, stomping goodtime gang"
THE FLY - "Finally, a pop act worth getting excited about."
ELTON JOHN (TIME OUT) - "Very good...energetic rock n' roll"