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One thinks perhaps of Ry Cooder, of J.J. Cale, of Kelly Joe Phelps, of old blues, jazz and bluegrass players. This guy must surely be from the Deep South, maybe the Mississippi Delta. Sorry, but your geography is just a tad out. Clive Barnes hails from South East Ireland, Enniscorthy to be exact. When Clive Barnes plays lap slide guitar, the listener is instantly transported to the cradle of today's popular music. His empathy with blues and old time country music is absolute.

His consummate mastery of lap slide, 6 and 12 string guitar playing impressed them all, notably Bert Jansch. "Bert is not naturally outgoing but he was really forthcoming with me. He gave me advice, information, even his phone number and an invitation to come and stay. David Crosby described me as 'the nearest thing to an acoustic roller-coaster ride he's ever heard, which was really nice. Everyone's been supportive and encouraging." Clive Barnes has a single-minded dedication to his music which reminds this writer of the young Rory Gallagher. Anyone following his career over the past couple of years cannot but have noticed how his sound has evolved, together with a parallel growth in self confidence evident from his second album the award winning "Welcome To Farewell" and followed by his latest "Goldtooth Cinnamon" which shows Clive is constantly pushing his own boundaries ever further.