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Colm Mac Con Iomaire is from known Gaeltacht area of Cúileann na Páirce in Blackrock, Co. Dublin. He plays violin, keyboard and sings vocals with the Irish Rock group The Frames. Mac Con Iomaire has been involved with The Frames since 1990.

Mac Con Iomaire has a practical opinion of the industry: "I think we measure success on a day-to-day level," Mac Con Iomaire has said. "All you can do is throw a bunch of seeds out there and see which ones catch on."

Previously, Colm was a founder member of Irish folk group Kíla since 1987 when the band was founded. His involvement with Kíla began during his schooldays at Coláiste Eoin, an Irish Language secondary school (Meánscoil) in Co. Dublin, Ireland. It was his interest in the Irish Language that led to The Frames' involvement in with the release of two Irish language albums released for Irish charity Concern during Seachtain na Gaeilge. This included an Irish language version of the Burn the Maps track "Locusts" entitled "Lócáistí" on the SnG05 album in 2005 and more recently a song called "Ciúnas" in the 2006 album Ceol 06. Colm covered Britney Spears "Everytime" with band member Glen Hansard. It was recorded for the "Today FM" cd titled "Even Better Than the Real Thing Volume 2". His first solo album, "The Hare's Corner" (Cúinne an Ghiorria), was released in 2008. It was nominated for a 2009 Meteor Award for Best Traditional/Folk Album.