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Cyclefly (typecased as CycleFly) were an alternative rock band from Cork, Ireland. The band had a cult underground following across the UK, Ireland, and the U.S., and were famous amongst fans for lead singer Declan O'Shea's wild on-stage persona and intense live presence. He was often known to climb to the top of lighting rigs and jump into the crowd. The band's work is also recognizable for the high-pitched, almost synthesized-sounding voice of O'Shea.

The band toured the UK and Ireland many times, including headline tours and support tours with Bush and Live. Two full-length albums were released over Cyclefly's career—Generation Sap in 1999 and Crave in 2002. The band also produced a now extremely rare and hard-to-find Dogabone EP and various singles. The second album, Crave, featured a guest vocal spot on "Karma Killer" from Linkin Park vocalist Chester Bennington. Cyclefly also collaborated with a Turkish rapper, Jöntürk, on his song "Refuse, Resist, Say No".