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Dave Couse was the lead singer and main song writer with Irish band A House. A House released 5 albums between 1985 and 1997. Following the band's break up, Couse released his solo debut "Genes" on his own label, Beep-Beep, in 2003. The album received much critical acclaim in Ireland.

In October 2005 he released a new album "The World Should Know". A more user-friendly record than "Genes", it was nominated for Best Album at the Meteor Awards. As well as winning Couse a "Best Irish Male" nomination, the record went on to a get full UK release and spawned a number of singles.

In 2006, Couse released an updated version of the A House classic "Endless Art", replacing the names of the deceased in the original with those who have passed since its original release. This limited edition CD is now highly sought after on the Dublin music trading scene.

Recently, and on the 10th anniversary of the final A House concert, Couse and former A House band member, Fergal Bunbury, reunited for a well-received gig at Dublin's Sugar Club. Joined by Rike Soeller on cello, Couse displayed his recently attained piano skills whilst treating the audience to a selection of A House/Couse classics.