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ˇForward, Russia! was conceived in early 2004 and came to life in the spring. They weren't called ˇForward, Russia! at first, that came after a few gigs. They recorded a few demo's in their first 9 months which people seemed to really like, some said the following: "Leeds' ˇForward Russia! meld floor-filling disco punk funk party music, epic post-rock and larynx scorching yelps to devastating effect, then designate their tracks a number by the order in which they were recorded"

NME: "Convulsing punk-funk brilliance from Leeds"

Yorkshire Evening Post "Equal parts At The Drive-In's restless writhing, vintage Sonic Youth's white noise grind and new wave disco riff fireworks, it is tight, gripping and nothing short of a breathtaking triumph"

Drowned In Sound "From the off, the four members of !Forward, Russia! rip against each other; fractured and percussive guitar stabs are cradled by the most pounding rhythm section imaginable. It’s liquid dance in punk masquerade. They are the spiked ball on the end of a giant mace, but sharpened sharper than razors. The singer spazzes out relentlessly, hypnotically, voice never waning as he wails and hollers. A mega-quick banshee, a perfect frontman. My sobriety is irrelevant, I’m fucked on music and stomping my feet."