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Future Kings of Spain is an Irish rock band, from Dublin.

Future Kings Of Spain on 28 September 2007 released their highly anticipated sophomore album "Nervousystem" . Recorded in London and Malta with highly credited producer Ian Grimble (Manic Street Preachers, The Fall), it was released in Ireland on the bands own label “What’s The Kim?” and entered the Irish charts at number 18. Guess Again, the first single, was released on May 4, and was chosen by public vote on Phantom 105.2. On the week of its release it was chosen as the song of the week on Irish radio station Today FM and was number seven in the Irish airplay charts. The second single, Kick In The Teeth, was released on July 27.

“Nervousystem” follows their self titled debut which was released in Ireland, Japan, Australia and the UK through Independent UK Label Red Flag Records. Selling over 42,000 copied, it included singles and live anthems "Venetian Blinds", "Hanging Around" and "Face I Know" (Debuting #9 UK Rock Charts). In the same year the band scooped Best New Band at the Meteor Music Awards, performed to 40,000 people at Sonicmania in Japan, toured and performed with many international acts including Muse, The Strokes and Biffy Clyro.

In early 2009 the band announced that they were writing material for a new album.