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With songs like 'The Curra Road' and 'The Lark of Mayfield' Ger Wolfe has been steadily making a name for himself as one of the most respected singer/songwriters in the country.

Last year the Cork born songwriter celebrated 10 years of recording work , having produced 4 critically acclaimed albums over that decade-"Word and Rhyme"(1998), 'Ragged Ground'(2002), Heaven Paints...(2004) and 'The Velvet Earth'(2006).

Ger has lately begun work on a new recording due for release before the end of 2009.
This new album sees Ger celebrating life in all its reality and his own place as a writer in a deeply changed soundscape and indeed worldscape.
In the meantime he continues to tour throughout Ireland both as a solo performer and with his band The New Skylarks-as he has since 1999.

Ger's songs have a special appeal to sensitive souls and his classic 'The Curra Road' appeared last year as one of the frontline numbers on Sharon Shannon's newest c.d. 'renegades'

His songs have also been covered by Karan Casey, North Cregg and by DANU.
Some of Ger's own recordings have featured on a large number of compilations, including 'Other Voices-songs from a room' , "The Garden Sessions" and 'The Diamond Mountain Sessions.'

As Christy Moore recently commented "Ger Wolfe sings like a lark in Heaven". Come along and listen to the Lark of Mayfield himself.

IRISH EXAMINER - “A rare and unique creative talent"