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Releasing their second and much anticipated album, ”Courses”, Halite have had a mixed bag over the last year or so eventually culminating into what seems to be a new direction for the band. Ever since the release of their admirable debut album, ’Head On’, Halite have been one of the most active bands on the live circuit, playing as many gigs as possible in an effort to make people aware of their unique sound. In the process of travelling the country they managed to play along side ’The Red Hot Chili Peppers’ and ‘The Thrills’ and found themselves in front of 60,000 people when they appeared at Slane Castle, all within the first year of releasing their debut album.

A delicious dose of concentrated alt rock music tightly knitted by a group of dedicated individuals.

Hotpress: "Although Halite's dedication to noise makes a refreshing change in today's acoustic terrains, ultimately it's the infectious, hookish nature of the songs that really delivers the killer blow."