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The post-smiths british guitar group formed in 1986 featuring guy chadwick (vocals, guitar), terry bickers (guitar), andrea heukamp (vocals, guitar), pete evans (drums), and chris groothuizen (bass).

Creation records signed the band and brought out a couple of singles: shine on in may 1987 and real animal the following september. heukamp left the group and the band continued as a quartet releasing the single christine and their debut album the house of love in the spring of 1988, and the classic single destroy the heart shortly after.

The following year the band moved over to the phonogram label and released two singles, never and i don't know why i love you. by the end of 1989, bickers left the group to be replaced by simon walker. the house of love's second album (also called the house of love) was released in early 1990, followed by the hit re-recording of shine on.

They released 2 more albums: babe rainbow in early '92 (after which walker left and simon mawby briefly joined) and audience with the mind in '93 before disbanding in 1994.

In 2003 chadwick, bickers and evans together with new bass player matt jury met up in a rehearsal studio to play some new songs and were so thrilled with the outcome that they decided to record an album with original producer pat collier. the results are astonishing...

MOJO Magazine: " retrospect, the music is easy to enjoy but rarely equals the sum of its most interesting elements - Terry Bicker's atmospheric guitar and Chadwick's enigmatic lyrics"