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On 1st October 2007 iLiKETRAiNS graced us with their magnificent debut album, ‘Elegies To Lessons Learnt’.

Continuing their trademark obsession with past characters and events, ‘Elegies To Lessons Learnt’ charts a series of tragic episodes in history. Where ‘Progress, Reform’ concerned itself with a number of individual stories, the new album is more global in scope. It attempts to illustrate how history repeats itself, and how the human race fails to learn from its mistakes ‘Elegies To Lessons Learnt’ takes on the Great Fire of London, ‘25 Sins’, an ill- fated round the world yachtsman, ‘The Deception’, the only British prime minister ever to be assassinated ‘Spencer Perceval’, and the Salem Witch Trials ‘We Go Hunting’. Other songs cover massacre, the ‘iron curtain’, the plague and madness.

Morose indeed, and conveyed with such supreme, spine-tingling, rousing melody and compelling instrumentation that this album will win hearts and minds all over the world.

Recorded in an old chapel in Leeds, the album was mixed with the help of Ken Thomas (Sigur Ros, Hope Of The Stataes), and self-produced. The first single to be taken fromt the album, ‘The Deception’, (10.09.07), tells how proud determination and courageous spirit can fog the natural instinct of survival, with disastrous consequences. The tale is told through the eyes of an ill-fated round the world yachtsman. It is accompanied by a self-directed video featuring a voiceover from ‘60s radio presenter and shipping forecaster Peter Jefferson.

iLiKETRAiNS released their first two singles at the end of 2005 to credible acclaim. However, it was their stunning mini-album ‘Progress Reform’ ( Fierce Panda) that truly captured the media’s attention and propelled them into cult status. They have been covered widely in publications ranging from the NME to the Financial Times, The Sun and Daily Mail to art magazine Aesthetica and the peculiar magazine that is Bizarre; and on radio, from Radio One to The BBC’s Politics Programme. An extensive network of RAiLCARD HOLDERS help spread these compelling history lessons across the UK, over seas into Europe and now America. They have performed at major European festivals and made personal appearances at regional railway events; they have been mentioned in the House of Commons and given talks at universities.

Since signing to Beggars Banquet, the US release of ‘Progress Reform’ and a sell out debut show at SXSW festival – the band have gone from strength to strength. In March 2007 they released the colossal, limited edition single ‘Spencer Perceval’ which like all their previous singles sold out in two weeks. This nine and half minute epic pushed them further along their own unrivaled path and was once again well received by radio despite its length, gaining two full plays at Radio One amongst others. The same month saw them play their two biggest headline shows to date at London Dingwalls and Leeds Cockpit, both selling out in advance, as did their performance at Brighton’s Great Escape.