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IMMANU EL is a young Swedish band with a unique sound, Dynamic guitar and keyboard soundscapes, captive singing and with somewhat of a moving Nordic mood. The music is focused at varying dynamics and a wide spectrum of harmonic expressions and sounds that can move between presence and ambience. Originally the band was inspired by early post rock and experimental bands and sounds, which combined with pop influences made IE to create a sound of their own based on atmospheric soundscapes that became their fundament for their debut album.

The core in the IE sound has ever since the first songs were written in their mid teens been to create something heartrendingly beautiful and moving, but the performance to create it has changed. As the band members have grown older and turned from teens into young men, the music as well has got a lot more mature and even more specifically unique. The core of beauty is still there, but what we can hear from today’s IMMANU EL is a rock band with confidence, profession and quality in their own sound. Atmospheric surroundings has yielded for a more down to earth, present and forcing kind of music, and the result is something rarely seen or heard before.

In 2008 Immanu El started to co-operate with international agencies and labels, touring Europe more frequently and getting more and more established in the independent rock scene throughout the world. Another friend, David Lillberg joined the band during the fall of 2008, making the band complete.The band’s highly expected second album will be recorded in the summer of 2009.

METRO - "One of the biggest Swedish pop-hopes right now”

GROOVE (SE) - "IMMANU EL is one of the very few talented that leaps over the threshold where you always get that priceless precense. And they do it with heavy feet"