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Mixing the power and emotion of rock with the groove and atmospherics of pop and electronica, Lotus Lullaby use the term 'Collisionism' to describe their music. They have drawn comparisons to Bowie, Killers, Depeche Mode, U2, etc. and their frenetic and dramatic live shows have received fanatical receptions from audiences and critics alike.

Live highlights include Hard Working Class Heroes festival and being selected to play the prestigious IMRO 'Best of Tour' showcase in the Village Dublin this summer. Lead singer Gavin found solace from severe panic attacks and anxiety disorders with his songs, and the music of lotus lullaby has a simple message: Life is pain but be positive because only you can make it better.

Hot Press: "Wonderfully melodic anthems" "The cultish appeal of Lotus Lullaby can only keep growing"

The Echo: "Blistering performance"

Dropped? Ezine: "It's surely only a matter of time before this outfit blow the roof off the universe"