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In 2003, Malcolm Middleton, the member of Arab Strap regularly credited with "most things musical," released the cumbersomely titled solo album '5:14 Fluoxytine Seagull Alcohol John Nicotine', issued through Chemikal Underground. Two years later, he followed it up with the more focused 'Into the Woods', put out by the same label. Neither album was a tremendous departure from his work with Aidan Moffatt (both lyrically and sonically), though the song writing was occasionally more self-absorbed, oozing with self-doubt and heartache. What these solo albums do prove is Middleton's skills at song writing and arranging. Few musicians can write songs that work within the conventions of the genre while using rhythms and sounds (and even lyrics) that don't normally belong to pop music.

MOJO - "chiming, urgent and elegiac ... equal parts brusque confession and soaring epiphany.."