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In 1978, the Ramones brought drummer Marc Bell on board as Marky Ramone. After recording two hard rock albums with the band Dust (along with guitarist Richie Wise - who would soon go on to produce the first two Kiss albums) when he was 16, Marky got into the punk scene in the early 70's. For a short while he played drums for Wayne County and the Backstreet Boys and then Richard Hell & the Voidoids. In 1978, after two years with the Voidoids, Marky left to find a new band. At this time, Tommy Ramone wanted to quit the band and pursue producing, which was his first love.

Johnny and Dee Dee Ramone approached Marky to join The Ramones in 1978. Marky then recorded Road to Ruin, and one year later he co-starred in Rock 'n' Roll High School. His tenure with the Ramones spanned a total of 15 years and 11 albums, including songwriting credits on both Mondo Bizarro and Adios Amigos.

In 2000, it was Marky behind the drums for Joey Ramone's posthumous Don't Worry About Me album - a feat followed bittersweetly, with his induction into the Rock 'N' Roll Hall of Fame. Along with spoken word tours and production credits, Marky shows no signs of slowing down. Marky is still touring the world and now hosts 'Marky Ramone's Punk Rock Blitzkrieg" on Sirius radio.