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Niall Connolly is one of Irelandís most exciting emerging songwriters. His debut album 'Songs from a Corner' (2001) went to number one in the Hot Press indie charts and helped Connolly build a loyal fan base in Ireland as well as affording him the opportunity to tour Britain and mainland Europe.His follow up 'as tomorrow creeps from the east' (2003) opened further doors for him

Released on the independent Cork based c.u. records label, Niall's music has already received airplay in Ireland, Toronto and Sydney. 'As tomorrow creeps from the east' has also bizarrely recorded internet sales in as yet untoured territories including Japan and New Zealand.

HOT PRESS - 'Niall Connolly writes intelligent, literate songs rich in graphic detail. Better still, he writes convincingly from his own experience and his heart. We don't have enough like him'